Solitude Cabin

Many of us spend our lives just skimming the surface. We skim over relationships, we skim over heartaches and we skim over our emotional and spiritual needs. Our pool may look deep, but in reality it's shallow and easily dries up when faced with challenges in life.

We believe that leaders need to lead out of the life and strength that comes from having a deep pool. It is in places of quietness and contemplation that our pool deepens...where we come face to face with who we really are and who we want to become. It is in those times of reflection that we build the strength required to influence with character and integrity.

We invite you to live differently for a short time in our Solitude Cabin. The differences may be realized simply in the silence or in fact, through the hearing of a new sound. You will be surprised and comforted by the restorative influence of simple tasks like tending a fire or chopping wood. In this space you may also discover a personal restorative practice that you will desire to build into your everyday life. You just never know what might happen when you enter into solitude.

So, please consider some intentional time in our solitude cabin. It is a mysterious, mystical experience that may take you to places you’ve never been before.

The cedar log cabin is a small cozy space with all that you need. It has a main floor for relaxing and an upper loft for sleeping. The cabin was hand crafted by Jack Wright from the Bruce Peninsula. He paid strict attention to the detail found in a pioneer cabin of the early 1800’s. Everything in the cabin is made by hand...from the windows and doors, to the cabinets. So essentially, you will be staying in what we consider to be...a work of art.

The cabin is located on the 5-acre campus of the Clarksburg Retreat. Uniquely, it feels isolated and yet it is close to the main retreat centre. It is conveniently placed on the trail system that, within minutes, has you walking up the Beaver River enjoying all the sights and sounds of nature. For some of you, the cabin and its contents will be all you need to experience a 24-48 hour period of solitude. For others, you may want to bring items not included in the cabin.

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